Portugal I

It is a little before 7am and Madam is poking me awake. “Come on, wake up and go and make some tea! It’s packing day!” “Packing day?” I say. “Yes, get a move on, we are going to Portugal tomorrow.” ‘We are? Oh.’ I say. There isn’t anything useful I can add to that statement.… Continue reading Portugal I

Cotswolds and Beyond

    Cotswolds Travel Blog: Including Highclere Castle, Avebury Stones, Marlborough, Bibury, Chedworth Roman Villa, Bourton on the Water and a spot of Shakespeare. “So, you want to go to Norfolk next?” I asked Madam. “I guess so…” she replied somewhat hesitantly. “It’s very flat,” I said, “you can wave to people in Birmingham.” “Really? … Continue reading Cotswolds and Beyond

Izzel of Wigget

“We could go away,” Madam suggested, “you have a week between appointments.” “But I’ve been in hospit…” I started to say but she gave me a look that spoke of daggers and I fell into silence. She stared at me a little longer then said, “You’re looking much better today. We’re going to run out… Continue reading Izzel of Wigget


Scotland blog from our recent trip.  Includes Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, Culloden, Ben Nevis, the West Highland Line and a few misadventures. “We have ten days before your next hospital appointment.  We need to go away!” said Madam, “we could go on a road trip.  Maybe Norfolk?” “It’s very flat,” I replied, “and there isn’t a… Continue reading Scotland


Almost every guide we read about Malta told us that the Sunday morning fish market in Marsaxlokk (pronounced marsa-schlock – meaning Southern Port) shouldn’t be missed.  The market closes at midday so we were up early and caught the bus into Valletta just as the direct TD10 bus to Marsaxlokk arrived. We joined the long queue and… Continue reading Marsaxlokk

Oxford and a Glimpse of Heaven Travel Blog

Oxford travel blog with a visit to the Weston Library, Christchurch Meadow, the Museum of the History of Science, the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean Museum. ‘We should go away,’ said Madam, ‘Oxford. We can go to Oxford.’ ‘We could go on the train’ I replied, ‘no driving, no parking issues. We could be there… Continue reading Oxford and a Glimpse of Heaven Travel Blog

The Journey West

This is a combined post of previously published individual posts. “We should go on a road trip,” said Madam. I looked up from my iPad.  I had been reading one of the right-leaning newspapers online telling me how, after Brexit, the rainbows would be brighter, we would have zero crime and would start seeing unicorns… Continue reading The Journey West

Copenhagen and a Hat with Horns

Many people born in the USA consider themselves something other than just American. They may be Italian-American, German-American or Irish-American, even though their ancestors emigrated to the USA in 1878. They are still uniquely proud of their heritage. Try telling an Italian-American, who has never been within a thousand miles of Sicily, he isn’t Italian… Continue reading Copenhagen and a Hat with Horns

York – Trains, Vikings and Harry Potter

As we left the train in York, or detrained as our transatlantic cousins would have it, I realised that this was the furthest north I had ever been in England. Growing up in the south, we all believed that anywhere much north of Oxford was covered in year-round permafrost and patrolled by fire-breathing dragons. Older… Continue reading York – Trains, Vikings and Harry Potter


Silves This is the second part of our Portugal trip.  You can read the first post here. ‘So, is it a pool day or is there somewhere else to see?’ asks Madam the following morning. ‘Silves sounds interesting,’ I tell her, ‘it has a castle and an archeology museum.’ You may be thinking from my… Continue reading Silves